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Training & Support

Our Head office conducts rigorous training which normally takes place within 5 working days after a till is issued and activated. The training is both face to face and online. From that date initial float is deposited, a follow up call is made and the tools of trade are dispatched either by courier or delivery.


Contact person

A support person is assigned after training who will assist the organization with start keys and all other operational queries. This contact shall send an introductory email to the organization giving them their details.



The contact person will issue all relevant forms as requested by the organization. In case of an escalation query, the organization can contact the head office directly using any of the contact details provided.

Forms available for customers;

  • Consideration for second training request 
  • Start keys request
  • Operational issues such as locked tills, forgotten passwords, suspensions, change of till name or location, transaction delays,
  • Simex queries including delivery and order enquiries

For deposit and withdrawal reversal, call 2134/234 –MUST have your secret word and agent ID

For transaction delays, call 234 – MUST have your secret word and agent ID

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